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Alan Munro

I had a great childhood growing up in Stevenage. Sadly, the fun stopped when Barnwell School began to get serious with our exams and started sending us to the Career Officer. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was not academic, small for my age and had a talent for getting into trouble. By chance I saw a newsflash on TV about a superstar jockey called Steve Cauthen from the USA. He was nicknamed 'The Six Million Dollar Kid'. Previously the idea of me becoming a jockey had always been a joke at school and so it never had any credibility to me then, but suddenly the lights came on. I sat there mesmerized. He was only 17 and already a huge star. When I next visited the Careers Officer I told her the good news, and then she told me the bad news! Statistically few ever made it as jockeys. Thousands try but few succeed. She also told me just how dangerous it was and advised me to reconsider, but none of what she said mattered.
I left Barnwell after taking my exams and got an apprenticeship with Barry Hills, a Racehorse Trainer in Berkshire. It took me two years to feel safe on a horse and a further five to break through as a jockey. You need luck but it can happen as it happened for me, and I'm just a Stevenage kid who had never seen a horse until he was 15. My most famous win came on Generous in the English Derby. My most famous wins came on Generous in the English Derby, the Irish Derby and the King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth Stakes all in 1991. Also, in 1991 I rode 100 winners and was voted 'Jockey of the Year'. In 2005 I rode Sergeant Cecil and won the three English 'staying Handicaps. He was voted 'Horse of the Year' that year. In 2006 I won the Irish 200 guineas on Araafa and most recently in 2009 the Bosphorus Cup in Turkey on Halicarnassus. I have had 100's of winners riding all over the world but intend to have the 2010 season in the UK.