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Tim Spears

I have sailed sandyachts since I was very young. I grew up going to watch my father and uncle compete at national and international events and the 'bug bit'. I lived in the Old Town of Stevenage but was lucky enough to go to Barnwell School. I learned the basic skills at the Anglia sandyachting club in Bassingbourne and soon got serious about the sport. The yachts can reach speeds of 70mph and more, so its really quite exciting but I managed to win the British Junior Championship twice before my 18th birthday and qualified for the British team aged 18. I received some funding from the Stevenage Sports Council as I developed my sport which helped with the costs of the sport and in 1992 I finished 6th in the European Championships gaining two 3rd places in the race series.
In 1993 Tim went to his first World Championships in Germany but broke his yacht and could only manage 23rd place. He then took a break for a few years whilst going to University and getting established in a career but started sailing again in 2001. In 2004 he qualified once again for the World's and was in overall 4th place when in the final race suffered a steering failure and dropped to 13th place. At the British Championships in 2005 he finished 3rd, in 2006 he became British Champion, in 2007 he was runner-up but in the European Championships 2007 finished in 9th place but winning one of the series of races, his first international victory. In 2008 in Argentina,at the World Championships in 30 degrees of heat and strong winds Tim dominated, winning 5 races, and a 2nd and a 3rd place to take the World Title. Since then Tim has spent time developing a new sandyacht in the larger class 3 category which he will race at the World Championships in Belgium in October 2010.