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Tom Hampson

The following is taken from a newspaper cutting in 1932. "Los Angeles, 2nd August 1932. 130 degrees in the sun. The last bend in the 800 metres Olympics final and the bespectacled English schoolmaster is running third to two Canadians. With electrifying acceleration, he passes Edwards and for 40 yards runs neck and neck with Wilson. Only 20 yards to go, another superhuman effort and Hampson wins the most sensational race of all time". He also won a silver medal in the 4x 400 metres. Tom Hampson was born in Clapham in 1907 and was educated in Woodford before going to Oxford University where he was a keen sportsman. He had an outstanding career in athletics.
In 1954 Tom moved to Stevenage and was appointed Social Relations Officer of the Stevenage Development Corporation where he and his wife, Winnie worked with tireless enthusiasm, until his death in the mid sixties, to create 'the spirit of Stevenage.' Tom is buried at St Mary's, Shephall.