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Simon and Ella-May win Paul Maguire 5 Mile Race
22 November 2019
Fairlands Valley Spartans

Forty Spartans finished Sunday’s Paul Maguire Handicap 5 mile race in Stevenage.
Race winner in an excellent 29:02, 1 minute 58 seconds better than handicap was Simon Jackson who overtook all 39 runners ahead of him during the course of the five miles. ELLA-MAY-HARDS was the first female to finish and second overall just 15 seconds behind Simon in a very good time of 33:02 and was also the fastest woman. She pipped the second man to the line by two seconds. Ciaran McAneny had a running time of 29:47, with Andy Jay third male excellently paced by James Kay in 40:34. Alison Shelley was second female with 42:11, just ahead of Samantha Pretty 33:16, Fiona Clark 42:07 and Michelle Reeves 33:44.

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