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Stevenage Striders Press Release 2nd February 2020
06 February 2020
Stevenage Striders

Thrope & Egham Half Marathon – Down in Surrey two Striders took on the Thrope and Egham half marathon (13.1 miles – 21km). The route started and finished in Egham with a mini-lap around the Thrope area before a huge loop which included going through beautiful Virgina Water. The route was flat with a several long drags and one massive hill to go up at the half way stage. That wasn’t going to stop Ollie Garbas and Danik Bates who were last minute entrants to the race this week. Ollie Garbas gained his fastest time in five years by grabbing a time of 01-29-18 whilst Danik smashed and grabbed of a time of 01-39-38, his fastest since March 2016. Ollie finished 61st whilst Danik finished in 181st in a field of nearly 900 runners.

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