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About Us

"Developing opportunities for all to participate in sport and physical activity in Stevenage."

Established in 2006, Sport Stevenage brings together organisations in the borough of Stevenage who represent or have an interest in sport.

  • Act as the local voice
  • Signpost organisations to the various supports that are available
  • Co-ordinate opportunities in Stevenage
  • Increase the capacity of the local sporting sector
  • Raise participation levels
  • Widen access to opportunities for all
  • To raise the profile of sport and be the voice of sport in Stevenage
  • To draw together all local delivery agents from a wide range of organisations with an interest in sport
  • To identify local needs and potential interventions developing this locally shared vision with buy-in from key partners
  • Secure resources from a broad range of organisations and seeking funding from external resources to deliver our objectives
  • To facilitate effective communication in the development and provision of sport
  • To be the local advocate for sport and physical activity and to advise on all matters of sports policy in meeting the needs of people both in delivery and future facility provision
  • Respond to the needs of the voluntary sector by promoting education, training and coaching initiatives
  • To respond to the needs of sport and physical activity in Stevenage through the promotion of grants and awards to participants, coaches and administrators committed to further enhance their participation, training or qualifications
  • To support the emergence of new organisations especially where there is an identified gap in provision and to foster organisations experiencing particular difficulties
Elected Officers - Management Group

Chair - Louise Gallagher-Smith - SSFT

Vice Chair (I) - Chris Hirons - Marriotts Gymnastics Club

Vice Chair (II) - Richard Burling - Stevenage Cricket Club

Secretary - Tina Walker - Cycling UK Stevenage

Treasurer - Mike Gregory - Unattached

Development Manager - - Joe Capon - SBC

Website Manager - Tina Walker - Cycling UK Stevenage

Ambassadors and Distinguished Representatives

President - The Mayor of Stevenage

Vice President - Graham Bowles